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The opportunity to cash in with your own eBook has never been greater than it is today. Consider the story of Amanda Hocking, who was turned down by the major New York publishers and decided to self publish her books as eBooks in Amazon’s Kindle store. She has sold well over a million copies of her books as eBooks online.

More people are buying eBooks today than paperback books! I am super excited to bring to you my online training program that will give you all of the information you need to start your career as a successful eBook publisher. Plus, as an added benefit, you will receive free and unlimited ebook cover design for as long as you’re enrolled in the course!



  • How To Pick A Winning Topic For Your eBook
  • How To Get Organized So That Your eBook Will Practically Write Itself
  • Simple Ways Of Marketing Your e Book On The Internet For Virtually No Cost
  • Where You Can List Your e Book For Sale (More Than Just Amazon)
  • The Easy And Inexpensive Way To Get A Copyright For Your eBook
  • The Step By Step Process Of Formatting Your e Book So You Can Upload To The Various Online Stores
  • How To Position Yourself As An Expert To Increase Your Credibility In The Marketplace
  • Exactly How To Price Your e Book To Get The Highest Royalty Percentage
  • How To Publish Short e Books That You Can Write In A Weekend
  • Deciding On A Title That Will Draw The Largest Audience   



My system delivers because we not only teach you, but we show you step by step through online streaming videos. I hope you will join me today in what I truly believe to be the most comprehensive, one-of-a-kind, e Book training system you will find anywhere.
 jimsigfinalJames L. Paris, Founder And Author Of More Than 30 Books

Note: *** We Are Not Presently Accepting New Students.

*** Due to the digital download nature of our product, we are unable to offer refunds except for errors in billing.
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